If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Los Angeles, Orange County, or anywhere in Southern California, contact the experienced and successful criminal defense attorneys at Curd, Galindo & Smith, L.L.P. for strong, effective representationOur lawyers handle all types of felony and misdemeanor charges in state and federal courts in California, from shoplifting, burglary and theft to drug crimes, weapons charges, sex offenses, assault, murder and homicide. 

Know Your Rights. We Do. 

As a person accused of a crime, you have rights guaranteed to you by the United States Constitution. However, you can give up these rights if you do not fully understand what they are and exercise them properly. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we know your rights, and we will make sure that you understand them and exercise them fully.  

If Questioned by the Police 

If you are under arrest or in a custodial interrogation, the police should remind you of your right to remain silent or to request an attorney. Even in a non-custodial setting, you have the right to refuse police questioning, or to consult with your lawyer before answering any questions. The reason the police question you is to turn up evidence or incriminating statements they can later use against you. Even innocent statements can be later turned against you, if the police can get you to say things which seem to be contradictory. Before you talk to the police, talk to your attorney. 

IStopped or Searched 

Being confrontational with the police is generally not very helpful to you. The police know the law, and if they tell you they have the right to detain you or search you, they probably do. Even without a warrant, there are many circumstances which may give the police the right to search your person, your car, or your immediate surroundings and personal effects. If the police direct you to comply with a search, it is best not to try to obstruct them or interfere. If the search was illegal, your attorney can address the matter later and fight to have any evidence suppressed or even get the case dismissed. 

One time the police always have the right to search is when you give them your consent. You may have nothing to hide and wish to be helpful and cooperative, but there is really no good reason to consent to a search. You have the right to refuse voluntary consent, and should almost always do so. If in doubt, contact your lawyer first. 

Seek Experienced Legal Representation 

Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting for the rights of individuals in Southern California who have been arrested on criminal chargesFor individuals whose rights have been violated by police misconduct, we also engage in appropriate civil actions to put an end to such behavior and find remedy that compensates for the harm caused. If you have been arrested in Los Angeles or anywhere in the state of California, contact Curd, Galindo & Smith, L.L.P. for expert advice and aggressive representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.