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If you have been injured or wronged by the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, or if you need legal assistance in the areas of business law, real estate, bankruptcy or estate planning, the team of attorneys at the Long Beach law office of Curd, Galindo & Smith, L.L.P. has the knowledge, skills and experience to meet your legal needs in Los Angeles and Orange County, throughout Southern California, or statewide. 

Our attorneys practice in select areas of law that cover a range of legal needs for our business and individual clients. Our office represents people who have suffered a serious personal injury in an automobile or truck accident, or due to a defective product or dangerous premises. We also aid families of persons who have suffered a wrongful death by the negligence or wrongful conduct of another. Our lawyers engage in an active criminal defense practice and also hold the authorities accountable for police misconduct and other violations of civil rights. At the same time, we have attorneys engaged in a thriving business law practice, handling all manner of business litigation and corporate/transactional lawreal estate and bankruptcyFinally, we engage in thoughtful and comprehensive estate planning that meets our clients’ financial and personal needs for themselves and future generations. 

At Curd, Galindo & Smith, L.L.P., we are committed to providing a high level of personal service and individualized attention to our clients. Our attorneys are in continuous contact with their clients, keeping you informed and updated of the status of your case throughout the proceeding. While we cannot promise immediate results, we can deliver an immediate response whenever you have questions or concerns regarding your representation. For assistance with your legal needs, contact Curd, Galindo & Smith, L.L.P.

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"I would highly recommend Alex Galindo, his firm and team of professionals to anyone in need of a highly experienced and aggressive attorney and law firm.”
I was in a traffic accident and sustained significant injuries which will affect me for the rest of my life. I retained Attorney Alex Galindo. Mr. Galindo immediately filed litigation against all parties involved and their insurer. Mr. Galindo successfully settled my case for the maximum policy limits without going to trial despite several low offers and resistance from the other party’s insurance company. I am beyond satisfied with the outcome of my personal injury case which far exceeded my expectations. I would like to personally thank Attorney Alex Galindo, his private investigator Marc Gold and the rest of his team for all their hard work, professionalism, and a better than excellent outcome and settlement. Thank You!

Jason Whipple

Traffic Accident
Curd Galindo and Smith
"The litigation involved the claim of right to ownership and possession of a restaurant known as the Kobe Steakhouse in Westminster, California. Curd, Galindo & Smith represented the original owners of the restaurant who were sued by people attempting to gain control of the restaurant for wrongful eviction, conspiracy, constructive trust, breach of contract, conversion and other matters.”
Joseph Curd not only successfully defended his clients at the trial prevailing on all counts against the Plaintiffs, but in turn succeeded in cross-complaining against the Plaintiffs for declaratory relief and breach of contract. The Court agreed with our clients that the Plaintiffs had engaged in fraud, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty and intentional misrepresentation, among other things. The Court also found that Plaintiffs had no right or claim to the restaurant and that Curd, Galindo & Smith's clients were entitled to retain possession. Several defendants were awarded over $500,000 in damages back against the Plaintiffs.
Plaintiffs appealed the judgment, but the Court of Appeal upheld the trial court's decision on all counts
after hearing oral argument on the matter on May 22, 2020.

Kobe House Sushi & Steak vs. Danica Capital Corp.

Claim of Right to Ownership


"My wrist was badly broken in a traffic collision, caused by an inattentive driver. Alex Galindo handled all aspects of making the claim against that driver’s insurance. His office negotiated not only the settlement with the insurance company, but with my medical insurance, & the doctors’ business offices. I recommend seeking out Curd, Galindo & Smith if you need help negotiating the twists and turns of insurance claims. "

Kathleen Campbell

Traffic Accident
Curd, Galindo and Smith LLP Long Beach
"My sister passed away from injuries she sustained in a home fire. The Landlord refused to do proper maintenance and Alex Galindo brought in a group of experts that proved the fire began with faulty wiring.”
Mr. Galindo took depos ,conducted a mock trial ,and prepared the case for trial. On the day of the trial, the defendant made a large settlement offer and my brother and I accepted it. We were given a chance to jump start our lives again. I was able to retire early and spend more time with my wife and children. My family is forever grateful that Alex Galindo not only took our case but guided us to a settlement that we thankfully accepted.

Tony Vazquez

Wrongful Death
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