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    What Our Clients Say?

    "I was walking across the street and run into by a distracted driver. I was seriously injured. Alex Galindo took my case and he arranged for me to be treated by a variety of medical specialist. I felt secure and I knew that Alex and his team were on my side. I want to say that I was in good hands, and that I was very pleased with the results of my case. The Insurance company made me a very small offer to settle my case. Alex was able to get the insurance company to up the original offer by alot and I was justly compensated. I would highly recommend Curd Galindo & Smith for your family's legal needs.”
    Vinnie Cavalari
    Pedestrian Hit By Car
    "I had a dental malpractice case that was settled out of court. My case was very unique in which We ended up going to Supreme Court and won the appeal there. It was a lengthy case because it was a unique case involving causation between two dentists. The one who performed my procedure actually died two weeks after taking his deposition. That is what made my case so unique and we won with the Supreme Court of California. Regardless of the time it took to appeal, Alex Galindo and staff were very professional and I know they did their best to get me a reasonable settlement. I recommend them if you are looking for a dental malpractice case.”
    Rana Samara
    Dental Malpractice